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Keeping it clean at Uni

_35A2573(alt01)Crown Trade Steracryl Anti Bacterial paint has been selected for use across the student kitchens at the University of Birmingham’s Vale Village site in Edgbaston.

The high performance coating incorporates the SteriTouch® anti bacterial system, which utilises the natural power of silver to limit the growth of problem bacteria, including Salmonella and E-Coli.

Available in a choice of scrubbable matt and durable acrylic eggshell finishes, both offer an extensive colour palette, as well as a highly durable surface capable of withstanding stringent cleaning regimes.

By coping with extensive cleaning programmes – including the scrubbing down of surfaces – the paint maintains a clean, fresh finish for the long term and helps to extend redecoration schedules.

At Vale Village both scrubbable matt and durable acrylic eggshell have been chosen in a contemporary white shade for the high quality student residences.

John Harmer, of Crown Paints Specification Services, said: “Crown Trade Steracryl Anti Bacterial Paint is proving its worth, providing a stylish and durable finish in the communal kitchen areas.

“These are areas of heavy use and as well as having the reassurance of an anti bacterial system the kitchens are also easier to clean and maintain due to the scrubbable nature of the finish.”

The University of Birmingham estates department maintains 4,500 rooms for students across three villages. Vale Village features modern buildings set in a picturesque parkland, complete with a lake and other attractive features.

Geoff Clinton, Maintenance Officer at the University of Birmingham, said: “We were using standard emulsion, but following discussions with Crown Paints we chose an anti bacterial system to deliver a uniform approach to maintaining a clean environment at the student residences.”

The work at Vale Village was carried out by Novus Property Solutions.

Darren Bowkett, Operations Manager at Novus Property Solutions’ Birmingham office, said: “The application was no different to that involved with a more traditional coating, so there were no additional labour costs, but the end result delivered high performance and lasting anti bacterial protection.

“We were able to deliver these benefits and still meet the timescales involved in the project.”

As well as the Crown Trade Steracryl Anti Bacterial system, Crown Trade Steracryl Mould Inhibiting paint has also been used across the University of Birmingham, for student bathroom and shower areas.

Crown Trade Steracryl Mould Inhibiting paint, available in matt and durable acrylic eggshell finishes, can play a key role in areas subject to mould growth such as kitchens, bathrooms and void properties.

Both the matt and acrylic eggshell paints contain an effective fungicide, specially developed to maintain decorated surfaces by inhibiting the development of mould growth on the paint film.

They have also undergone stringent fungal tests carried out to British Standard BS3900:G6.

Keeping it clean at Uni
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