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Mask well, spray faster – a must see P&D Show Masterclass

National Painting and Decorating Show 2019 preview

Manufacturers of premium-grade masking tapes, papers and films, Q1, is inviting visitors to the National Painting and Decorating Show to learn how to ‘mask well, spray faster’ in a comprehensive masterclass on 26th of November at 10:55, in Theatre 1 and on 27th of November at 12:25, in Theatre 2.

Following the brand’s debut appearance at the Show last year, the Italian manufacturer has since been working alongside spray academies to develop best practice masking techniques designed to speed up the preparation and overall painting of a room.

This year will see the company’s first masterclass, entitled ‘Mask Well, Spray Faster’, which promises masking tips and spray paint best practice from two industry professionals. It will cover;

  • How to spray a room like a pro
  • Why correct preparation saves time
  • Spray techniques
  • Which order to tackle a full room to deliver quality results quicker

The Q1 masterclass will be hosted and taught by two spray professionals, Jamie Bourne and John Coats, both of whom own their own spray-painting academies and will be available for a question and answer session on the day.

Ionela Stetco, Marketing Manager for Q1 in the UK, comments on the importance of sharing best practice:

“Our products are designed in accordance with direct feedback from the painting and decorating industry. With a portfolio of products which have been designed specifically to meet the industry’s needs, it is only right that we then work with professional decorators to get the very best out of those products. Only then can the cycle of feedback and improvement continue.

“This masterclass has been designed to support both experienced and new sprayers in getting the very best finish, in the most efficient way, on every product.”

For more information on Q1’s range visit them at Stand number 70 at this year’s National Painting and Decorating Show.

Mask well, spray faster – a must see P&D Show Masterclass
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