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Brighton Dome Gets The Palace Treatment

The Brighton Dome, a historical building dating back to 1867, is slowly being restored back to its former glory as part of a prestigious project requiring 4500 kilogrammes of Palace Chemicals Langlow Strip Away.

A major part of the renovation is the restoration of the original timber and cast-iron roof which covers an area of over 1000m2. This labour-intensive process includes around 3,000 bolts being added to the 3000 that already sit amongst the joists, all of which need to be repainted. The roof along with all the beams need to be sprayed with a clear varnish and the 110 batons with 20 joists each, coated in approximately four or five layers of paint all must be stripped.

Durtnells, one of the oldest building companies in Britain, is the main contractor overseeing the project. The reconstruction works are being carried out by sub-contractor, Georgian Complete Finishing.

Dave Elliot, project manager at Georgian Complete Finishing said, “We were really pleased to win the tender to complete the restoration work on the roof of the Dome. This is a prestigious building and testament to the quality work we deliver.

“We chose Strip Away because having used it before we knew it would be up to the job. In some places the paint must have been 8 to 9 mm thick but the Langlow Strip Away, left for a day, came off like peeling icing off a sponge cake. Leaving clean wood that just needed spraying with neutraliser ”

Langlow Strip Away is a traditional and highly effective caustic poultice-based coatings removal system, which for many years has been successfully specified by restoration experts seeking to reveal and restore the original stone, plaster, iron and timber features of many types of structures. This includes ornate mouldings and carvings, allowing the natural un-coated features to be displayed whilst still preserving the original base material.

This product has a long back catalogue of successful restoration products on famous heritage structures.

Once applied by brush or trowel across the treated area, it’s low odour paste is covered for up to 24 hours with the laminated Strip Away paper blanket and when this removed it will take with it up to 30 layers of previously applied old coatings in just one treatment – avoiding any need for physical abrasion or heavy scraping which may risk damaging the structural features being revealed.

Work commenced on 5th of February 2017 and around 90% of the stripping has been completed, despite setbacks in the harsh winter weather.

To complete this task 200 containers of the product ‘Langlow Strip Away’ were initially ordered, followed by a further order for 100 more – this equates to over 4,500kg – one of the largest orders Palace Chemicals has received for this product.

The Langlow Strip Away system is a proven means of degrading and removing multi-layer coatings in a single treatment. Its consistency allows for it to be used in and around ornate features and mouldings which characterise heritage buildings of this type, making it the best choice for the job.

Although it is a corrosive paste, its water-based, low odour and solvent free composition enables it to be used without any risk of hazardous vapour exposure or indeed the high flammability risks associated with many other paint stripping products. These factors make the choice to use Langlow Strip Away for highly valuable, prestige projects a low risk decision.

It’s estimated that it will take another nine more months to complete the work, and the project is scheduled to be finished in Autumn/Winter 2018. The Dome will remain open throughout the redevelopment period.

Brighton Dome Gets The Palace Treatment


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