New Jointing Range from Knauf


Knauf has introduced a new range of powdered joint fillers and finishes that claims give improved workability for contractors and provide a better finish for follow-on trades.

Joint Filler Premium and Joint Cement Premium provide bedding and finishing for joint tape respectively while the Fill and Finish Premium option can be used for both applications.

The Fill and Finish product is available in two options with a choice of 30 or 60 minutes working time – ideal for smaller projects This product is also available in either 5kg or 10kg bag sizes.

Knauf Joint Cement Premium for finishing joints by hand gives a high quality finish requiring minimal sanding.

Knauf Joint Filler is suitable for larger projects where the 90 minute working time should eliminate any waste caused by premature setting in the bucket.

All three products are supplied in powder form for mixing on-site and a key characteristic of the new formulation is the extended shelf life, all now offer at least nine months.

The new products will be available through merchants from July 2018.

New Jointing Range from Knauf
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