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Speedy filler range introduced

Toupret has launched Joint, Skim & Filltogether with a range of Patch and Repair products.

Formulated for interior plasterboard jointing and surface finishing, the range consists of powder & ready mixed products that are quick and easy to mix and apply. It provides a smooth finish with fine skimming in just one coat and is easy to sand for a perfect finish. Toupet say Joint, Skim & Fill has no depth limit and it doesn’t shrink. There is no need to prime for overcoating and the finished surface is ready to paint in 12 hours.

Joint, Skim & Fill Quick Dry powder incorporates all these qualities with the added benefit of being ready to overpaint in just 3 hours. Available in 5kg or 10kg bags.

Joint & Skim Ready To Use, is ready-mixed and can be applied straight from the bucket manually or with an airless spray machine. Available in a 10kg or 20kg bucket.

The range is supported by two patch and repair products for last minute snagging jobs.Toupret Patch & Repair Filler Quick Dryis ideal for any last minute touch-ups and repairs but it also copes well with bigger jobs, for example filling larger gaps and seams when replacing plasterboard tiles after access or utilities repairs access or utilities holes after repair work. Easy to mix and sand, with no shrinkage, no depth limit and no need to spot prime (ready to overpaint in just 3 hours), it’s a must-have product for every tradesperson’s toolkit. Available in a 1kg and 2kg box or 5kg bags.

Available in a 1.5kg tub.

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