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Handy Solution For Cleaning Paint Rollers

Dulux Decorator Centres, has introduced an new product which, it claims, makes cleaning paint rollers up to 10 times faster than when cleaned manually.

The EnviroSolution roller cleaner transforms paint-stained roller sleeves in just 30 seconds and using only eight litres of water, it is much more eco-friendly than traditional cleaning methods, which can use up to 40 litres.

Tough and durable, the reusable, single piece plastic cleaning unit attaches to any garden hose, and quickly and efficiently restores roller sleeves back to their original condition, with zero mess.

Simple to use, painters and decorators just scrape off excess paint with the curved lip, insert the paint roller into the plastic sleeve and connect a hosepipe which clicks into place. The roller cleaner is then held over an empty bucket and the water supply is turned on and left until the water runs clean.

The EnviroSolutions™ roller cleaner retails at £14.99 and is available in store now, which delivers products and processes with reduced environmental impact.


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