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Knauf Airless Readymix Plaster Range

Knauf is introducing an enhanced range of Airless Readymix Plasters that offer an efficient alternative to traditional plasters for finishing walls and ceilings.

There are four products in the range – Airless Backing, Airless DuraDeco, Airless Finish and the hard-wearing primer Airless Primer Surfacer .

Manufactured from crushed and milled marble together with polymer and organic binders, these plasters are calimed to be faster and easier to apply than traditional plasters while achieving the same high quality of finish. Delivered ready to use, the plasters remove the need for any mixing on site, dry rapidly and are easy to finish – just spray, level, sand and paint.

knauf airless readymix plasterApplication is quick as one machine can apply 250m² in just eight hours, leaving a finish that is said to be far more flexible than conventional plasters so that there is less cracking, chipping and flaking.

Developed to be used as a first coat, Knauf Airless Backing is a semi-lightweight plaster that fills and levels any imperfections to provide an improved surface for decoration once finished, using either Knauf Airless DuraDeco or Knauf Airless Finish.

Ideal for high traffic areas, Knauf Airless DuraDeco is applied in two coats to walls and ceilings either as a decorative textured finish requiring no extra decoration or – for a smooth finish – sealed with Knauf Airless Primer Surfacer.

Walls and ceilings can be given a smooth finish with ease using Knauf Airless Finish, which can be applied as a two-coat surface coating or as a second coat over Knauf Airless Backing, before decoration (a mist and one coat of paint). Or, alternatively, it can be finished using Knauf Airless Primer Surfacer.

Specially formatted for use with readymix spray plasters, Knauf Airless Primer Surfacer achieves a far smoother finish for walls and ceilings than traditional plasterboard primers, resulting in a high standard of paint finish that will not show any joints – even in critical light conditions. It is applied in a single sprayed coat over Knauf Airless DuraDeco or Knauf Airless Finish.

Knauf Airless Readymix Plaster Range
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