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New products and in-store presence for Q1 tapes

Premium masking manufacturer solutions, Q1, has announced plans for five new products and an in-store presence in 2019.

While the Q1 range already features a premium delicate surface masking tape and a masking paper the new launch includes a quality drop film and a quick-to-use taped paper, two complimentary hand-held maskers and a multi-purpose drop sheet for protecting furniture, tiles, carpet and timber floors.

The drop film uses the manufacturer’s precision line masking tape and a protective HDPE film for masking of large areas for up to 90 days, whilst the taped paper uses a creped adhesive paper tape perfect for indoor use.

Q1 will also launch two hand-held dispensers; one for use with its new pre-taped products and one which will attach any desired tape to any masking paper or film as you mask.

Ionela Stetco, Marketing Manager of Q1 in the UK, comments:
“In addition to the new product introductions we are also in the process of finalising a number of new distribution channels which will see our full range of premium masking products available in merchants and stores in early 2019.”

New products and in-store presence for Q1 tapes
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