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Non flammable paint strippers

Two new paint and varnish strippers have been introduced by decorating sundries manufacturer Bartoline; Paint Predator Heavy Duty and Paint Predator Fast Action.

Bartoline’s new Paint Predator paint and varnish strippers are, unlike many traditional strippers on the market, non-flammable.

The Paint Predator products are new additions to Bartoline’s over the counter trade range called ‘1876 The Professional Range’, which was launched in June.

Paint Predator Heavy Duty is a high-strength, deep penetrating formulation that removes , say the manufactuers , in excess of six layers of paint or varnish in a single two-coat application. With minimal evaporation it continues to work and does not ‘flash-off.  Non-drip, it is good for vertical surfaces.

Paint Predator Fast Action strips up to three layers of paint or varnish in 30 minutes

Non-caustic and methylene chloride free, both products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and strip most solvent and water borne paints and varnishes.

Both products are available in 500ml, 1 litre and 2 litre pack sizes.

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