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Mirka Microstar High Gloss Kit

The new Mirka Microstar High Gloss Kit enables customers to high gloss a range of lacquered surfaces and solid surface materials quickly and simply.

mirka microstar high gloss kitThe Mirka Microstar High Gloss Kit offers two processes – a single compound polishing method involving more sanding; and a two-compound polishing process involving more polishing. Both procedures, say Mirka, can achieve a 95 to 98 gloss following the simple pictorial chart included in the kit.

The set contains Microstar film discs, polishing compounds, microfibre cloths, Abralon finishing discs, mops and pads through to the correct backing pad for the polisher. Customers can also purchase a Mirka 180mm professional polisher in a case to accompany the kit at a reduced rate when purchased together.

To promote the high gloss solutions kit further, the Mirka sales team can arrange a full demonstration at customers’ premises free of charge to enable technicians to fully embrace this simple, cost-effective solution to high gloss requirements.

Mirka Microstar High Gloss Kit
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