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New products from Hamilton

Hamilton is launching a new range of brushes, rollers and accessories. The range combines a simple ‘good, better, best’ structure with clear colour coding and product features listed on packaging. There are three sub-brands – ‘Perfection’ at the top end, followed by ‘Prestige’ and then ‘Performance’, each with specific strengths and decorator benefits.

The popular Hamilton Perfection bristle brushes stay the same including the varnished wooden Kaiser handles. The only change is new packaging and new logo on the products. The Perfection pure synthetic is a new product, however, based on new materials technology .

Perfection rollers have also been improved to include different fabrics for different surface applications. The range retains the concept of matching fabric on large and small (midi) rollers for a consistent finish across the whole working area. An innovative bearing system in the midi rollers also prevents skidding over the surface, giving a smooth finish. Perfection also includes decorating tools and other painting accessories.

The Prestige range offers a bristle brush with high bristle content for good paint pick-up, spreading rates and a quality finish in solvent based paints. This is combined with a waxed beavertail handle, rounded for extra comfort and therefore suitable for longer usage time. The new Prestige synthetic brush is designed to combine a quality finish with a good user experience in water-based paints. It too has the rounded beavertail handle. There is also a new selection of rollers combining great finish with fast, even coverage and the Prestige range also includes a range of other decorating tools and accessories.

New products from Hamilton
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