Ninety minute Repair Filler


Dunlop Rapid Rescue 1kgDunlop has launched a brand new rapid-drying filler as an addition to its Pro Décor range.

Rapid Rescue Repair Filler with Hydroloc is formulated for quick fix or emergency repairs.

Available in 1kg bags, is fully dry and hard in 90 minutes, in any temperature or condition. It can be used for Rapid Rescue for filling chases, cracks around doors and coving, large cracks and holes. It can be used internally or externally, on the majority of backgrounds from plasterboard to concrete steps, to fill and repair damage up to 50mm deep.

Rapid Rescue Hydroloc which works by using the mix water as part of a chemical reaction to dry the filler, compared to traditional products that dry via water evaporation. This means that the product dries evenly, regardless of thickness, throughout. in record time.

Ninety minute Repair Filler
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