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Wondertex Prem Fill and Finish

Wondertex Prem Fill and FinishWondertex Prem Fill and Finish, a new plasterboard filler and smoother is now available from Instarmac. Formerly known as Premier Filler the product has been reformulated to enhance performance and also repacked in new sizes and long life bag.

The new look packaging has been designed for easy product identification and project suitability. Featured on the front of the bag are symbols which indicate all jobs that the product may be used for e.g. jointing, filling, smoothing etc. The packaging ensures complete freshness due to the addition of a polyethylene liner layer, which reduces moisture ingress.

The product now features a working time of 60 minutes. It dries quicker, ready for early sanding and overall allows for faster job completion.

The product’s texture has been enhanced resulting in a much smoother finish. A softer more workable density has improved the product’s handling, allowing for easier application. As a result the product’s coverage has improved, now achieving from 1kg, up to 8 linear metres of tapered edge plasterboard jointing. Once application has been completed the product dries hard for a durable professional finish.

Wondertex Prem Fill and Finish is available in two new sizes, 7.5kg and 15kg

Wondertex Prem Fill and Finish
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