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Snickers Work Gloves

Snickers Work GlovesSnickers’ new Work Gloves are designed to suit different jobs on site down to the finest details in protection, grip and dexterity.

Snickers Work Gloves come in two ranges: there’s a range of Precision Gloves, which are light and flexible with a design priority on dexterity and fit. They’re ideal for precision work while flexible materials on the dorsal side of the hand, plus knuckle protection, cushioning and reinforcement provide optimum protection.

The 7 styles of Power Gloves are Comfortable and hard-wearing and suitable for all kinds of heavy duty jobs on site but with a range of styles to suit different jobs like shifting and carrying, cutting and tearing, moving and manipulating. The ‘curved’ designs ensure strong, secure grips while sophisticated patterns and ribs combined with durable materials create comfort and protection never seen before.

But what makes buying Snickers Work Gloves really unique is that you can buy them individually if you need to – which helps if one was to eventually wear out. You can also mix and match them to suit the way you work, even to suit left or right-handed use.

Snickers Work Gloves
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