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Speedheater Remove Paint with Light

Tensid UK now supplies the latest model of the Speedheater, an easy-to-use infrared paint removal tool that lifts old paint without the need for chemicals.

The Speedheater infrared paint stripper can, claim Tensid, soften multiple layers of paint in 30-90 seconds.

The Speedheater can be used for the removal of lead-based paint because the powerful infrared energy gently lifts paint from surfaces using an average temperature of only 170º C. Conventional heat guns , by comparison, operate at
400º C.

The British Coatings Federation lists infrared as one of the recommended ways to remove lead paint. Speedheater’s comparatively low operating temperature means any lead and toxic metal ingredients stay contained within the paint. Speedheater can also be safely used around glass windows to remove both putty and paint.

Speedheater’s infrared energy is supplied by a powerful lamp which is safely housed within a lightweight and portable tool casing. The infrared heat quickly penetrates deep into the paint layers, softening and gently lifting the paint from the substrate. Balanced positioning equipment is available to enable the user to position the tool over vertical surfaces and varied surface shapes.

Working with the Speedheater is very efficient. While the user is scraping softened paint from a treated location, the Speedheater is already preparing the next work area. A set of specially-shaped scraping tools is part of the kit and makes removing the treated paint easy and effective.



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