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This Aint No Baby Wipe!

One thing decorators need is to be able to clean their hands regularly and effectively. Changing tools, having a cup of tea, eating lunch, going to see clients or even picking up product from merchants all require hands to be as paint free as possible. Life has been made easier, both for the hands and the facilities, with the growing predominance of waterbased coating but it is easier to carry a piece of kit to clean the hands rather than look for a sink and then have to clean that afterwards. A new piece of kit for this is called Grime Boss.

Grime Boss is a hand wipe made in this country and specifically developed for the decorating market. All aspects of the development of Grime Boss product, including primary and secondary packaging was the direct result of extensive UK research, undertaken by independent research companies. This involved multi-location focus groups attended by a diverse range of trade professionals.

This research showed that the trade need two types of wipes – one to remove stuck on residue and dirt which needs a scrubbing surface, and another that needs to be much more gentle and less abrasive so that it can be used on forearms and even the face. Grime boss has incorporated both these in to one wipe by having a rough and a smooth side, and the difference is very obvious.

The cleaning agent in the wipes is waterbased and leaves a pleasant citrus smell. It also contains alovera and vitamin E which is included to protect and moisturise the skin.

Pack life, one opened is up to six months and this is achieved through clever packaging. The wipes are in a flexible plastic pouch, but set into this is a hinged hard plastic, click sealable unit. Open this up, pull out a wipe and then click seal shut to keep the moisture in. It’s certainly not cheap packaging but we have tested in for a couple of months and it works. Once out the wipe remain effective for up to two hours, so with care it a reasonably economic product.

Recommended prices are £32.99 for 10, £4.99 for 30 and £8.99 for the 60 pack. The wipe size is approximately 8 x 10 inches.


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