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Wombat Bucket on the Job

Wombat Bucket on the job!

The Wombat Bucket is, say its UK distributors a lot more than a paint bucket; it’s a portable paint tray that allows professional painters and decorators to maximise the safety of their working environment while saving saving time and effort.

Sized for today’s no-splatter mini-rollers, the Wombat Bucket is say the makers sturdy, stable, and convenient to use, even on a ladder.

Says a company spokesperson “The Wombat bucket lets you keep your paint scraper, touch-up brush, wiping cloth, painter’s putty and other tools right at hand. The Shoulder Strap, included with the Bucket, leaves both of your hands free. That makes work go faster and easier. And it makes climbing a ladder much safer.

“The Wombat has two powerful magnets, one on each side of the bucket. One magnet holds your touch-up paint brush right where you can reach it, but out of the way until you do. The other keeps your paint scraper where it belongs. Use the Medallion Loop to hold a roll of masking tape.

Also, to allow for easy clean-up and colour changes, you can use the Wombat Bucket Rim & Liner pack. And along with the Wombat Bucket Lid, you can store your paint, rollers and brushes for days before returning to the job!

Come and see us at The National Painting and Decorating Show at The Ricoh Arena, Coventry, November 18/19th.

Wombat Bucket on the Job
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