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Van ventilation made simple

vanPainters and Decorators who carry a range of substances in their vans such as paints, thinners, adhesives and solvents can be subjected to fumes and odours arising from these volatile compounds.

The fitting of a wind-powered roof vent such as a Flettner could be the most cost effective way of removing unwanted fumes from your vehicle. The Flettner vent extracts stale air from inside the vehicle whilst at the same time replacing it by fresh air drawn in through the vehicles ventilation system or passive grilles. Flettner Vents are designed to operate in light winds of around 5mph and will therefore continue to extract even when the vehicle is stationary and the engine switched off on a 24 hours a day, 7 day a week basis.

An additional benefit is that in the colder months of the year when condensation can form on the inside of the van, the constant movement of air prevents moist air settling on the exposed metal surfaces thus preventing water damage to expensive tools and equipment.

The makers say that a Flettner vent is simple to install, and can be fitted in less than 30 minutes. There is no maintenance required and being entirely wind driven, they require no cabling.

Flettner Ventilator Limited is a British company which has been manufacturing ventilation products for commercial vehicles for over eighty five years.

Van ventilation made simple
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