Rapid setting filler and smoother


Wtex_PremFill&FinishRapid7.5kgmWondertex the internal finishing brand from the Instarmac Group, has added a new product to its jointing range. Prem Fill & Finish Rapid is a powder blend fast setting filler and smoother designed for filling and finishing plasterboard joints and smoothing unwanted textured surfaces.

This multi-use product offers a quick turnaround for plasterboard jointing, surface smoothing, repair and snagging work and can be applied to painted surfaces .The product, which has a working time of 30 minutes dries hard and fast for a durable finish , has minimal shrinkage while the rapid setting facilitates early sanding . After 90-200 minutes drying time the second coat can be applied.

Prem Fill & Finish Rapid is available in 7.5kg buckets and will achieve a coverage of up to 60 linear meters of tapered edge plasterboard jointing.

Rapid setting filler and smoother
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