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Asia brand set to make Show impact – P&D Show Preview

Gobi’s Paints – Stand 116

Gobi’s Paints, one of southeast Asia’s leading paint brands is setting its sights on the UK market and will be making its debut at the P&D Show.

Through their distribution partners, IBC Paints in England, and Nishan Trading Limited in Scotland Gobi’s will be offering a range of high performance decorative products.

The company also have stores in Hamilton, Kilsyth, and London and are looking to expand.

Gobi’s Care is part of its premium range. Products in the range are formulated to provide a smooth finish and low sheen that hides imperfections while being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Gobi’s Care for Bathroom is a mixture of modern formulated paints for high traffic damp areas and is moisture and steam resistant.

Care for Kitchen incorporates a vibrant colour palate and is stain and oil resistant.

For exterior projects the company’s Weather Protector is a range of acrylic based emulsions that provide long lasting and non-fading colours. Gobi’s says it contains a high degree of water repellence as well as weather and scrub resistance.

As part of its brand promotion in the UK, Gobi’s is the sponsor of the English Curry Awards which shined a spotlight on restaurants which had struggled during the pandemic.

They are also involved in a campaign to find the most popular painted building in London.

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