New accessories from Purdy


Purdy has introduced a new range of accessories for the Purdy Dual Roll-Off Bucket, together with an angled scraper and carbide scraper, and a new mohair roller sleeve.

The new Purdy bucket accessories all work with the company’s Dual Roll-Off Bucket which allows more than one user to load paint at the same time. The new accessories include a lid that clips on top of the bucket allowing decorators to store paint efficiently between coats or even overnight. A new 18” Paint Tray also fits neatly on top of the bucket and can double as a lid. It accommodates longer roller sleeves and allows a second colour paint to be used simultaneously. Purdy has also introduced Dual Roll-Off Bucket Liners to make clean up and colour changes fast, easy and efficient, especially on sites with no water supply.

Two new prep tools include a Bent Pole Scraper has been designed with an angled blade for greater efficienacy while also eliminating scraped knuckles that using a straight scraper can cause. It can be used by hand or, if necessary, is compatible with the Purdy Powerlock Extension Pole.

Also new is a heavy duty Carbide Scraper. Replacement blades, made from high-carbon steel are available separately. This new Carbide Scraper will remove glue, paint, varnish, wood stains and rust from flat surfaces without the need for heat gun or chemical stripper on wood, concrete, metal, and GRP, say Purdy.

The latest additions to the Purdy tool range are 4.5” and 6.5” Parrot Jumbo Mini Roller Sleeves. These are made of 100% mohair and fit the Purdy Revolution Jumbo Mini Roller Frame. They can be used with water- or oil-based trim paints.

New accessories from Purdy
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