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With growing focus on sustainability in construction, professional decorators can not only fulfil client demands by choosing ultra-low VOC emulsions, water-based wood and metal paints, and longer-lasting coatings, but also contribute to delivering better spaces and buildings that will stand the test of time. Here, we caught up with Peter Howard, Sustainability and CSR lead at Dulux Trade, to find out about what to look out for when selecting more sustainable paint products.

Look for ultra-low VOC levels

When looking for more sustainable paint options, one of the first things to consider is the level of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content. VOCs are chemical vapours that are greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming.. Higher quantities of VOCs are found in solvent-based products, and exposure to high levels can pose negative health effects to both decorators and clients, which is why spaces need to be well-ventilated when paint is applied.

At Dulux Trade we’ve focused our interior emulsion innovation on ensuring they contain less VOCs, so they produce less emissions and have reduced odour upon application.

In addition to selecting 99.9% VOC free wall paints products, choosing water-based wood and metal paints can greatly contribute to meeting a client’s sustainability expectations. Due to advances in technology, not only do water-based paints have improved sustainability and wellbeing benefits, when compared to traditional solvent-based paints, but they are also very reliable, quick and easy to use, have low odour, and when white, stay white for longer.

Choose long-lasting paints in busy areas

It’s also important to discuss the value of durability with clients when looking at the sustainability of paint options. Durable products that stand the test of time should be recommended as they will help customers to extend maintenance cycles and can help protect and clean interior walls.

Dulux products to looks out for

  • Dulux Trade Diamond Matt, Dulux Trade Supermatt and Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt among others, are 99.9% VOC-free, comply with BREEAM and LEED certifications and have minimal impact on indoor air quality
  • Water-based Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood. Delivers the same high-quality finish as traditional solvent-based products and is quick to dry,
  • Dulux Trade Diamond Matt includes resistance to water-based stains, like red wine and coffee, as well as oil-based stains, such as food or cosmetics. The range has been tested to withstand 10,000 scrubs (the equivalent of five hours non-stop scrubbing
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