Dulux Decorator Centre Highlights Spray Offer


Dulux Decorator Centre has introduced a new range of spray products.

Spray equipment available includes brands such as Graco, Tritech and Q-Tech.

Dulux Decorator Centre recently undertook a trail to test the efficiency of spraying. The results showed, say the company, that it can save more than 18 hours of work.

Two decorators were given the same project to paint two floors of a 530m² building but one was given a roller and the other a spray machine.

While decorator A, armed with a roller, took 24 hours to complete the project, decorator B took just five hours and 20 minutes to spray the entire area involved.

Spray equipment available through the network of stores is suitable for projects varying from small touch-ups and interior walls and ceilings, to exterior walls and intumescent and fire-retardant areas.

Training is offered through The Dulux Academy which offers a range of spray courses at various locations across the UK.

Dulux Decorator Centre Highlights Spray Offer
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