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Toupret in brand facelift

Wall fillers manufacturer Toupret has launched a major refresh of its branding and product packaging.

The product range has been completely restructured to ensure  clear communication say the company, reflecting the main uses of each filler for the professional customer.

This reorganisation started with research talking to professionals to find out exactly what they want from a filler; the entire range has been built around results from these surveys and focus groups.

Many of the products have been renamed to make their application stand out. For example ‘TX110’ becomes ‘Quick Dry Filler’.

The new pack designs explain use and type of job application in detail, making it easier for professionals to find the right filler for the application.

The old product names remain on the pack to ensure they are still recognisable.

Colour-coded categories for interior, exterior, wood and problem surfaces highlight the main types of projects, plus two quality levels.  The core range is in a light grey and black pack whilst the premium products have an all-black design.

Drying times and filling depths, are also highlighted. For premium products, icons clearly communicate additional quality benefits, whether ‘Ready To Paint in 30 Minutes’, ‘Highly Flexible’, ‘Extremely Durable’, or ‘Controls Damp’.

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