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Water based paints – upward trend continues

Decorators are embracing the benefits of water-based products, with sales of water-based paint representing a quarter of the interior trim trade market in 2019.

The latest market data reflects a major shift in trade buying behaviour, with a growing move away from solvent-based products towards more sustainable alternatives.

The latest figures show a 12 per cent increase from 2018, driven by the significant improvement of the quality of water-based products for interior walls, trim and exteriors, combined with increased environmental concern among decorators and their clients.

Paul Murgett, Sustainability Manager at AkzoNobel, explains: “The science and technology behind water-based paints has come a long way in the last few years – it is essential that this information is passed on to our decorators and they are given every opportunity to get the best out of these products.

“We know through our decorating community that clients are now looking for ways they are able to be more environmentally friendly – and that when people try water-based options like our Dulux Trade Diamond range they’re impressed with the results.”

Top tips for applying water-based paints

To get the best results from a water-based paint, application is key, as it may be a little different from the techniques used with traditional solvent-based products.

Matt Gray from the Dulux Academy shares his advice to achieve the perfect finish with a water-based paint on trim:

  1. De-nib the surface before application and then make sure to remove any dust sitting on the surface
  2. Pick a good quality synthetic brush and slightly dampen prior to use to reduce brush marks and increase flow
  3. Make sure the paint is fully stirred for consistency from the bottom to the top of the can
  4. Dampen the surface with a wet cloth to increase the flow and wet edge time
  5. Apply the paint liberally across the whole surface first, moving onto any rails or styles afterwards
  6. Wait the two hours it takes to dry, then you’re ready to do the second coat

Water based paints – upward trend continues


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