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Dulux Environmental Product Declarations

Dulux Environmental Product Declarations.

Dulux Trade have become the first and only mainstream paint manufacturer to announce five specifically verified environmental product declarations (EPDs) covering 67 products.

dulux environmental product declarationsThe externally credited EPD’s were awarded following an in-depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which calculated the environmental impact of each product over its entire lifecycle. EPDs provide comprehensive, quantified data that specifers and contractors can utilise to make their specification more sustainable than ever before.

Dulux Trade’s first EPD’s are for the Ecosure, Diamond, Vinyl and Flat Matts, Dry Wall Primer Sealer and Weathershield ranges.

The system gives an incredibly detailed breakdown of the environmental impact of each applied paint over its full life cycle, including the amount of resources associated with product, the litres of water and all associated air emissions.

Duncan Lochhead from Dulux Trade said: “Specifiers and contractors are always looking for products that meet their sustainability targets. This is part of a greater industry trend requiring improved environmental performance of products and accredited information concerning how sustainable a product really is.

Dulux Environmental Product Declarations
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