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Peel Tec’s P&D Show Impact

National Painting and Decorating Show 2019 review

Peel Tec from the manufacturers of CT1 Sealant and Adhesive, was officially launched onto the market at last month’s hugely successful National Painting and Decorating Show, and, according to Nicola Walsh from the company, “what a bang it made!”.
She continued “Peel Tec really seemed to be the buzz word at the show, with swarms of painters and decorators looking for a demonstration and to find out more about this revolutionary new product. 100% Methyl Chloride free, it’s safe on all surfaces and not harmful to the user. It can remove all coatings, lacquers and paints. Layers and layers of old paint can now be peeled away in minutes”.

Peel Tec was also demonstrated at two Masterclasses over the two days using CT1 real life testimonials of painters and decorators already using the new paint remover.

In addition CT1 – The Snag List Eliminator was showcased. “Most of the show attendees were aware of CT1, but were not aware of all its uses” said Nicola, “CT1 with its super strong adhesion properties can bond materials such as skirting boards, alcoves around doors and can also be used as a filler over settlement cracks. 100% flexible, CT1 guarantees in writing that it will never shrink or crack”.

Multisolve the multipurpose cleaner, which deactivates old silicones and adhesives, was a handy new addition for the audience on cleaning before applying and cleaning their equipment and tools.

Peel Tec and CT1 with Multisolve will now be available in Crown Decorating Centres from February onwards. It is also available in some Brewers and Travis Perkins stores.

Peel Tec’s P&D Show Impact
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