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Bradite sales team practise what they preach

When decorators’ merchants Brewers decided to repaint the floor of their large King’s Lynn branch with Bradite Floor-It, they got more than they bargained for. The job was undertaken by Bradite National Sales Manager James Burton, assisted by the firm’s South East Area Sales Manager Matt Tomkins.

“We saw this as an opportunity to give the product a proper test and allow us to apply it in a practical real-life situation,” explained James. “As technical salespeople we offer advice on preparation and application daily, so it was nice to actually get out and put our knowledge to the test.  Bradite Floor-It being a new product, it was good to get a feel for it and push it to its limits.”

DP9 Floor-It is a high-performance coating formulated for use on many suitably prepared substrates and is ideal for both domestic and commercial application, making it ideal for factory walkways and shopfloors. The low odour water based coating is touch dry in 30 minutes and re-coatable after one hour, qualities that were of particular importance to this sort of job as the shop remained open to customers while the repainting work continued, an aisle at a time.

James and Matt were faced with an original two-pack epoxy coated floor that had failed in a number of places. They cleaned the floor using Bradite TD39 diluted with nine parts warm water, scrubbed it using a nylon broom, and rinsed with clean water, then mopped it dry.

Loose material was scraped away back to a firm coating edge, and any remaining original coating was lightly abraded to provide a key for two coats of the Floor-It. The job was completed within two days.

Brewers Regional Operations Manager Marcus Elwin is delighted with the results. “This has proved a bit of a problem floor in the past and often had to be redone after 12 months. There are quite heavy carts going over it especially near the warehouse,” he said.

And how did Bradite’s own senior people come to take on the job? “They said they wanted to try it for themselves and were only going to do a small patch at first, but then I guess they just got carried away!”

DP9 Floor-It is an extremely durable product with first-rate adhesion and is mark, stain and petrol resistant and non-yellowing. It is ideal for use on internal and external surfaces such as wood, concrete, metal or asphalt as well as polyurethane, epoxy and chlorinate rubber coated floors.

Although Brewers King’s Lynn had sold some of the product before the re-painting, sales have increased since the job was completed. “It’s a win-win situation,” says Marcus. When customers say, ‘how does the product look’, we can say ‘you’re standing on it!'”

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