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It’s a thumbs up for Bradite One Can

“I was gob-smacked”, admits professional decorator Tim Lane following his first use of Bradite’s One Can all-purpose primer and finisher.

“I used it on a plastic front door and frame. That was three years ago. And it looks like I’ve only just done it.”

Boss of Northampton-based Tim Lane Decorating, Tim has been in the business for 24 years with a customer base of top-end private residences. He was first introduced to the Bradite product by local decorators’ merchants ADS soon after the new coating was launched.

“I was looking for an alternative product. I had been using another leading brand for years but they changed the formulation of the primer and it didn’t work for me so I stopped using it for outside jobs.”

He was always concerned that a product should demonstrate durability and, although admitting that One Can has only been available for a few years, he says that everything painted with it to date has lived up to Bradite’s claims for its toughness.

“I do like the adhesion properties. I always do an adhesion test with a job, ”he explains. “I was asked by a client to paint on old pair of gates. They hadn’t been touched for ten years, had a number of woodwork repairs and I thought ‘I don’t know if this will work’. But it has, the new paint could have been welded on. The adhesion is that good.”

Tim adds: “The secret of decorating is all in the preparation. I’m an oil-based paint man myself but One Can, being water-based, is brilliant. It rubs down like oil, it doesn’t roll. It flows nicely, there are no brush marks, which was a problem I noticed with a competitor’s product”.

Tim has been using One Can Eggshell both internally and externally. The paint is also quick drying with a 30-minute drying time and is re-coatable in one hour. Its ability to cover a multitude of surfaces from upvc, timber, concrete, fibreglass, ceramics and aged gloss paint, and its ability to block and lock in stains. It is also available in a full range of NCS, BS and RAL colours.

“I’m a person who takes an awful lot of convincing” says Tim, with Bradite One Can, he’s convinced!

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