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Sandtex toughs it out in Scotland

Maintaining the weather-beaten exteriors of a 300-year old Grade II listed property in an exposed location can be quite a responsibility, as homeowner Emma Anderson knows only too well.

In the Pentland Hills overlooking Edinburgh, Emma and her neighbours share a large 18th century farmhouse building, which recently required full scale exterior redecoration after substantial repair and maintenance works had been carried out.
When it came to choosing appropriate external decorative and protective coatings that could withstand the extremes of weather so frequently experienced in this challenging Scottish landscape, Emma, a former chemist with a background in coatings, knew that conventional paint would not fit the bill. She decided that expert advice was needed and contacted the Crown Paints Specification Team.

sandtext trade extreme xposureSandtex Trade X-treme X-posure formed the main element of the paint specification as it has a high performance acrylic binder, a hydrophobic dirt resistant formulation and effective anti-carbonation properties. This combination delivers an exceptionally durable, flexible, low maintenance finish that retains its appearance and protective qualities in the most extreme weather conditions.

Edinburgh based painting and decorating firm John Graham and Co. carried out the work to the Sandtex Trade system specification.

All elevations were pressure washed and then treated with Sandtex Trade Fungicide – a concentrated solution which can be used on all bare and previously decorated masonry surfaces. This was left to dry for 24 hours and then the walls were pressure washed again.

Once the render was free of staining the next task was to apply Sandtex Trade Stabilising Solution to all bare, repaired and chalking areas, to make sure there was a stable foundation to decorate and to even out the porosity across the new and old render. These areas were brought forward with two coats of paint.

A light beige colour tinted and mixed to order from the Sandtex Trade Colour Collection was chosen by the clients for the main elevations, with a contrasting mid-green shade to pick out ornamental stonework around windows and doors.

John Graham commented, “We’d not really used much X-treme X-posure before, but we will certainly be using it again”.

Sandtex toughs it out in Scotland
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