Ice Fusion Brush is hot stuff says ProDec


National Painting and Decorating Show 2019 preview
Prodec will be showcasing its Ice Fusion brush at this year’s Painting and Decorating Show in November.

Visitors to stand 84 will be able to learn more about this new range that incorporates Shard filaments and Form Recovery Technology.

Says Prodec – “Standard synthetic filaments are shaped like cylinders that taper to a fine point near the top so, whilst you get a brush-mark free finish, there’s little space between filaments and much of the paint can tend to load near the top of the brush, meaning it can be dumped onto the surface at once and require working out. Shard filaments taper from the base all the way to the top so there’s more space between filaments for paint to load up the brush, which makes for more even loading and smoother release, requiring less working out.

Form Recovery Technology uses semi-elastic polymers to make the Shard filaments, which means that when they’re bent during application or washing, they spring back into shape. This also enables the brush to hold a razor-sharp cutting line.

Plus, Ice Fusion’s seamless ferrule isn’t just about looks: with nowhere for paint or wash water to collect, it solves another common issue that tradesmen experience.

Ice Fusion is available in 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” and 3” sizes as well as a three-piece set and is stocked in national and independent decorators and builders merchants”.

Ice Fusion Brush is hot stuff says ProDec
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