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Goodbye to Paint Trays?

The new Ventus EZ-FLOW Paint System features a lightweight hand-powered EZ-FLOW Pump worn on a belt clip to provide a continuous paint-feed to the attachments. The system eliminates the need for a paint tray say the company.

Ventus EZ-FLOW Paint System

Ventus EZ-FLOW Paint System

Unlike other pump-based painting systems, EZ-FlOW does not store paint in the handle, or head, so the painting action feels no different (and no heavier) than a normal roller / brush / pad. The weight of 0.9 litres of paint is instead carried virtually unnoticed on a simple belt-clip. This system also keeps the paint sealed until it reaches the attachment, reducing the potential for mess, and prolonging the painting session, while reducing the paint and water wastage associated with trays and frequent clean-ups.

The pump contains nearly a litre and the system itself is said to waste less paint than conventional methods.

EZ–FLOW needs no batteries or no external power.

The Quick-Change supply-tube enables fast and simple interchange of all attachments which included: Universal handle with comfort grip, 7″ velvety flock Roller, two sizes of advanced flock Paint Pads and two sizes of velvety flock Corner Brushes.

The Tap Adapter provides simple, water efficient, back-flush clean-up at the end of the job. The attachments can, of course, be rinsed and reused many times – but spare attachments are readily available.

All product packaging is substantially formed from recycled materials, and is totally recyclable.


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