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Lucas ProFinish Paintbrush

Lucas ProFinish PaintbrushThe Lucas ProTools range of advanced professional tools has been launched featuring the Lucas ProFinish paintbrush.

Manufactured in Britain the ergonomically designed ProFinish uses high quality wooden handles and DuPont filaments.

The Lucas ProFinish Paintbrush comes in a boxed set along with a ProGuard, a Filament Wrap and a ProComb. The robust ProGuard keeps the brush safe, the Filament Wrap retains the chiselled shape and when used in conjunction with the ProGuard can keep a brush filament moist and ready for use, avoiding multiple daily washing. The ProComb is used to clean the ferrule and the filaments.

All ProFinish paintbrushes have an individual serial number that can be registered on the Lucas ProTools website allowing the opportunity to refurbish or re-head the brush if required. ProFinish is a 2.5 inch brush with a tipped and flagged 100% DuPont™ Chinex® filament. It is perfect for use on walls and woodwork with all water-based paints.

Lucas ProFinish Paintbrush

Lucas ProFinish Paintbrush
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