Get a Grip and stay safe


Ladders remain the major cause of accidents worldwide involving falls from height. Around 40% of fatal falls over the last decade in the UK have involved a ladder, the key reason being that ladders are prone to slipping.

Ladder Grips is a new ladder safety device that is said to improve ladder stability by up to 350%.

Says the company, “Most ladder safety devices aim to secure the ladder’s feet. Ladder Grips fix the top of the ladder because if the top is made immobile, the feet are unlikely to move either, thus securing the ladder and making it far safer to use”.

The product features powder coated steel & non-ferrous fittings and is provided with a non marking surface. Weighing just 1.90kg the Ladder Grip is designed to fit in a standard toolbox and can be fitted to a ladder in less than a minute.

The product is designed to be used against virtually any surface.

Get a Grip and stay safe
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