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Zinsser Expands range

zinseeerrrZinsser has introduced three new products to its range of problem solving paints and primers .

The three new products are Ceiling Pro 5-in-1, Drywall Pro 2-in-1 and Write-On Paint, as well as a 2.5 litre version of its Peel Stop product, which has previously only been available in 5 litres.

Ceiling Pro 5-in-1

Ceiling Pro 5-in-1 is a quick drying, low odour product which seals, primes, blocks stains, bridges hairline cracks and finishes, all in one application.

Touch dry within just 30 minutes and with a recoat time of one-hour, Ceiling Pro 5-in-1 is suitable for both bare and previously painted ceilings and will adhere to any surface. With its stain sealing properties it is perfect for water or smoked damaged ceilings, leaving a bright white matt finish.

Drywall Pro 2-in-1

Drywall Pro 2-in-1 is an all-in-one primer and sealer designed for use on new, old or damaged drywall.

Suitable for drywall, plaster and porous surfaces, Drywall Pro 2-in-1 is water-based and alkali resistant, with high hiding stain sealing properties, as well as being low odour and touch dry within 30 minutes. Zinsser says that
wallpaper applied on top of Drywall Pro 2-in-1 is easy and fast to remove.

Write-On Paint

Zinsser’s Write-On Paint is the third new addition to its range. This professional specification product turns any wall into a tough and durable dry wipe surface and is perfect for school classrooms as an alternative to a traditional white board.

Write-On Paint can be applied directly onto a wall with no pre-painting required and dries within four hours with a white gloss finish. A microfiber roller is recommended for application to ensure a smooth finish and is included in the pack.

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In addition, Zinsser’s Peel Stop product is now also available in a new 2.5 litre size, complementing the existing 5 litre product.

Peel Stop is a clear, flexible bridging sealer for use on surfaces where peeling, flaking, dusting or chalking is a problem. The product can be used indoors or outside to form a breathable membrane over questionable or faulty substrates and tightly bonds to old paint and problem areas forming a sound surface for new paint.

Zinsser Expands range
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