Teknos Decorative Paints now available in the UK


Teknos Architectural and Decorative Coatings are now available from Holman Specialist Paints.

Teknos are one of Europe’s leading coating suppliers to the industrial, architectural and decorative industries and the foremost leader in coatings for timber. Working in partnership with Teknos, HSP can now supply their specialist decorative coatings across the UK and internationally.

The Teknos decorative coatings range is wide and includes Solvent Free Paints for interior walls, interior wood paints, stains and lacquers, exterior wood paints, stains and lacquers and specialist masonry paints and coatings.

Varnishes, high performance wash resistant coatings and coatings with bacterial resistance are also available.

Free sample pots are being offered by HSP.

Teknos Decorative Paints now available in the UK
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