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Can wallpaper help in the office?

adfors_novelio_nature_offices_07Recent studies appear to confirm what employers have been learning from experience over the years – the office environment directly influences employee satisfaction, creativity, and productivity.

Novelio Nature wall coverings, from Saint-Gobain ADFORS, were developed to meet the demands of the modern office environment. Says the company “Combining designs, which can work with most interior schemes, with durability and resistance, the glass fibre coverings help create a relaxing working atmosphere, whilst protecting the walls from day-to-day wear and tear.

Impact and fire resistant the wallcoverings cope with high levels of traffic, as well as abrasion and impact caused by chair backs or tables while assuring the fire safety of interior furnishings.

Novelio Nature offers a total of 24 designs, divided in 4 patterns – Charm, Flair, Grace and Pure – and 6 colour-ways each. For an easy office update the walls can be painted over.

PVC free and made of non-toxic materials (90% of which bio-sourced), the fibre glass coverings are also breathable and VOC free.

Novelio Nature is Class A+ rated for its low emissions of volatile substances and low risk of inhalation of toxics.

Can wallpaper help in the office?
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