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The Magic Formula For Decoration?

NOVELIO_NATURE_HOSPITALITY_11 (2)No matter how demanding the project, how indecisive or picky the client, it’s up to professionals to show there’s more to decoration than setting or following colour and materials trends, says Simon Bennett, International Sales Manager for Saint-Gobain ADFORS.

At the end of the day, it’s all about delivering a solution that pleases customers, not only when the project is completed, but for longer.

To achieve that it’s of the utmost importance that professionals make a wise decision on picking the products to specify from the wide range of products available in the market, to assure they will guarantee the desired look for the project, while providing additional benefits to the customers, such as the increasingly desired durability.

Saint-Gobain ADFORS’ range of glass fibre wall coverings are among the options that meet this purpose, as they combine an appealing look and feel with increased durability and protection.

Bedrooom in modern vacation houseCustomers are increasingly demanding and budget-conscious, which means they expect the professionals they’re working with to provide them as much information as possible about the solutions available and to advise them on which one is the most efficient. This doesn’t mean emotion is out of the buying decision process equation; it only means reason has increased its weight in it.

Customers are also now more environmentally and health conscious than ever. Not only they want to reduce their ecological footprint, preferring products that are environmentally friendly, as they value solutions that contribute for a healthy environment.

This is far more relevant when it comes to the places where people spend most of their time in, as studies show that indoor air quality directly impacts general health and well-being. It also puts extra pressure on decorators and other professionals when looking for products and finishes to meet customers’ high expectations and demands.

NOVELIO_NATURE_HOSPITALITY_01To address these concerns, decorators should look for wall coverings that are made of non-toxic materials (90% of Novelio Nature materials are bio-sourced) and VOC free. This is especially significant as PVC is a very harmful substance present in standard vinyl wallpapers, which has been associated with asthma and other respiratory conditions. This substance may be released over time and, in case of fire, toxic fumes containing this substance can be given off as well.

Plus, breathable wall coverings should be considered. This means they let moisture go through, avoiding the development of mould, and improving indoor air quality. Novelio Nature is Class A+ rated for its low emissions of volatile substances and low risk of inhalation of toxics, which attests its contribution towards healthy environments.

When getting it right first time is crucial and saving time and nerves desirable – both for professionals and customers -, products that offer hassle-free installation are a must.

The Magic Formula For Decoration?
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