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Its Bright Skies in 2022 says Dulux

A desire for a fresh start in 2022 will see people opt for lighter colours, according to Dulux as it revealed the Colour of the Year for 2022, Bright Skies, along with four supporting ColourFuture palettes.

The launch is supported by a range of tools, including a Dulux Trade Colour of the Year 2022 Decorator Guide, designed to help decorators talk to customers about the transformative power of the colour in both homes and commercial buildings.

Dulux describes Bright Skies as an airy, light blue that “perfectly captures the optimism and desire for a fresh start that is the mood of the moment. It can bring any space to life, a true breath of fresh air”.

To decide on the ColourFutures 2022 palettes and the Dulux Trade Colour of the Year, a panel of  international colour and design experts and trend forecasters from the worlds of architecture, cultural analysis, design innovation and technology, gathered virtually to consider the trends, innovation and events that will impact the way we all live and work.

The colour experts then distilled the results of this into a single colour – and supporting palettes – that  aims  to encapsulate the mood of the moment.

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux, says “The Colour of the Year Decorator guide, combined with digital assets available on the Dulux Trade website, have all been designed to support professionals in demonstrating their expertise to customers, with inspirational imagery paired with technical information on the best products available. 

“The four colour palettes – Workshop, Greenhouse, Studio and Salon – feature colours all designed to work together in a room, helping decorators bring colour schemes to life for customers. Bright Skie features in each palette”.

Workshop is about creating adaptable spaces that reinvent the home or workplace.

Greenhouse is full of fresh greens and blues that serve the purpose of being the perfect backdrop for bringing nature into a room, in the form of plants and natural materials such as bark or cork.

The Studio spaces platte is a mix of pale pinks, reds and oranges.

Finally, the Salon is offers a pale and soft palette is for those customers who want a room, or space that’s ready for anything.  

Continues Marianne “Over the past 19 years, decorators will know we’ve seen a dramatic shift from a concentration on brighter tones to an emphasis on neutrals.

“This year, however, vibrant colours and light tones are re-emerging – a reflection, perhaps of our need for positivity and a fresh approach. After a spell of feeling shut in, we crave expansion – the great outdoors. The 37 curated colours in this year’s collection help decorators to make it easy for their customers to choose on-trend shades that work perfectly together.

“Dulux Trade is committed to equipping decorators with the tools and training they need to support their customers when making colour choices, and so we’ve created a handy guide to working with the Colour Of The Year 2022″.

Dulux Trade Colour of the Year 2022 Bright Skies and the supporting palettes can be tinted in the widest possible range of Dulux Trade paints, including Dulux Trade Weathershield for exterior projects.

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