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Dulux provides design support for dementia care

Dulux Trade is furthering its commitment to provide colour and design support to enable the step-change necessary in the provision of environments for an ageing UK population and supporting people living with dementia. 

The Dulux Trade Occupant Centred Colour and Design (OCCD) hub showcases industry leading initiatives, piloted alongside industry partners, furthering ideas around the design of accessible and inclusive environments for care.

It was created to inform architects, designers and specifiers how expert colour and design application, with the occupant at the heart of the brief, can have a positive impact on wellbeing across a range of sectors, including healthcare and education. 

A new specialist section on the hub – Designing for Dementia and Aged-Care – brings together the work Dulux Trade has undertaken over the years to use design to create optimal environments for dementia care in both healthcare and residential settings.

To help design professionals improve living spaces for people living with dementia, the hub offers practical safeguarding measures that can be used in the home or in residential care spaces, including colour and design advice geared to prevent trips and falls and help with wayfinding. 

In addition, through use of a personalised colour scheme approach, the hub encourages exploration of ways to promote and preserve self-identity and enhance wellbeing.

A key feature is the innovative and unique Dulux Trade Dementia-Friendly Colour Palette & Design Guide – based on a set of evidence-based design principles, which Dulux Trade has created by undertaking thorough research to explain how careful selection of certain colours, patterns and materials can help those living with dementia.

Dulux Trade is launching the new addition to the hub to coincide with Dementia Action Week, taking place from May 17 to May 23, which encourages people to take action to build a more dementia-friendly society. 

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