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P&D Show announces regional events for 2023

The organisers of the National Painting and Decorating Show have announced a series of regional two day exhibitions for 2023. The exciting new exhibitions will complement the major national fair which takes place annually in November in Coventry.

Says Exhibitions Director, Terry Dullaway, P&D Show Plus in the south and north of England will enable suppliers to reach out with greater immediacy to an extended audience who would value an opportunity to visit a product showcase on their doorstep prior to the main event, the National Painting and Decorating Show”.

He continued “After 27 years the national P&D show has established itself as the main stage for industry innovation both at home and abroad and we have plans to further develop the event in 2022. These satellite fairs – located at easily accessible venues – will enable suppliers to showcase their products and services at a relatively low cost. They are designed to turbocharge an exhibitor’s customer engagement at a local level“.

And for the increasing number of start-ups in the decorating trade P&D Show Plus was an opportunity, he said, to road test products and services before embarking on major national promotions.

Full details will be announced soon.

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