Superfast PeelTec aids door and bath refurb jobs


Professional painter and decorator Kevin Haughey and his team were recently commissioned by a local homeowner to undertake two very different refurbishment jobs.

The first was stripping and repainting an old Victorian oak door. The homeowner had been told that this would require the door to be removed, sandblasted and then dipped. Kevin’s solution was to use PeelTec paint remover. Introduced last year at the National Painting and Decorating Show, PeelTec is 100% Methyl Chloride free and formulated to remove multi layers of paint.

In this case the whole job took just two hours

Kevin was also asked to repaint and save an old Victorian style bath, 150 years old, it hadn’t been used in 20 years with roughly a two-inch seal of grime.

In this case CT1 Multisolve was selected to be used. This was sprayed on and, like PeelTec, is simple to use.

Says Kevin “It took just minutes to remove the embedded grime and dirt, and didn’t destroy the original enamel!”

PeelTec, Multisolve and CT1 are now available in Crown Decorating Centres.

Superfast PeelTec aids door and bath refurb jobs
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