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Hamilton Laying Off Brush

hamilton laying off brushHamilton has launched a ‘laying off’ brush as part of its new Prestige range.

The Hamilton Laying Off Brush is designed to mitigate brush or roller imprints after conventional paint application and create the ultimate in smooth looks, something that is particularly helpful with water-based paints.

The new Hamilton Laying Off Brush, which use the company’s new technology synthetic filaments, has the particular benefit of matching the filament formula of the standard brushes in the Prestige range. This ensures a finish consistent with other areas of a project where conventional brushes have been used, enabling a quicker, easier and better result overall.

All Prestige brushes have waxed beavertail handles, rounded for extra comfort. The brush comes in a 100mm format and is suitable for storing in vapour boxes.

The launch follows trials via the company’s decorator panel system which uses professional decorators to verify its own NPD research and development programme.

Hamilton Laying Off Brush
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