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Machine Sprayable Plaster from Knauf

Knauf Drywall was the first to introdue the UK’s first machine sprayable plaster products and systems And with the last 12 months seeing Knauf spray finishing plasters outselling their traditional hand-applied products for the first time; the company has taken the decision to concentrate its research and development resources on continued innovation and to offer only machine-sprayable finishing plasters.

MP75 was Knauf’s first machine sprayable plaster and was launched in 1964. Knauf MP75 is still a key part of the UK product range today and is a one-coat plaster can be applied up to 20mm thick in a single application

Following the success of MP75, Knauf began to develop machine sprayable plaster for the UK market. Knauf MPFinish is the result of years of technical development and on-site testing – a spray-applied finishing plaster applied at a 2-3mm thickness. MPFinish is extremely tough and durable, drying in 2 to 2.5 hours to a smooth white surface to receive a decorative finish.

Knauf’s range of Readymix Plasters, manufactured from powdered marble and high-performance polymers, offer an excellent quality finish and are less prone to cracking or chipping than traditional plasters.

The new focus on spray finishes means a number of hand-applied plasters will be removed from the Knauf plasters range before the end of 2012. These include Knauf Finishing Plaster, Knauf Multicover, Knauf FP90, Knauf Universal Board Finish and Knauf Pro Board Finish.

“With the market’s most complete range of spray-applied finishing plasters, Knauf Drywall continue to lead the industry”, comments Paul Tollervey, Research and Development Manager. “By focusing our production, research and development resources on these cutting-edge products, we are confident of bringing even more innovations to the market in the future to further improve the quality, speed and sustainability of our finishing plasters.”

Machine Sprayable Plaster


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