Bradite Coatings scale new heights


The South West of England’s newest attraction for climbing enthusiasts offers a bright and clean welcome, thanks to the use of Bradite coatings.

The Climbing Hangar in Plymouth opened for business in March 2018 after a former Hovis bakery was converted to provide 8,000 square feet of climbing walls.

The facility welcomes both seasoned climbers and novices who wish to try their hands (and feet) at this growing sport.

In order to give the colourful walls a tough protective coating Climbing Hangar selected a combination of products from the Bradite range, ‘HD Floor & Wall EW99’ and ‘Poly Lacquer PL78’.

EW99 is a high performance two pack, water-based epoxy floor and wall coating. It is tough, quick drying and hard wearing.

PL78 is a high performance two pack polyurethane solvent-based lacquer suitable for use on steel, wood, fibreglass, concrete and other mineral surfaces.

“The client was looking for coatings that wouldn’t be marked by rubber-soled shoes used by climbers,” said Bradite Sales Manager James Burton. “Using the EW99 and PL78 gives a hard wearing finish that can be cleaned and allows for advertising stickers and branding during competitions etc., to be removed without damage.”

EW99 provides a gloss finish that is surface dry in three hours and fully cured for heavy traffic after six days. It is available in a range of British Standard colours or clear. PL78 is a clear gloss lacquer that is surface dry in an hour.

Bradite Coatings scale new heights
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