Bradite wins hands down for residential refurb


Tests involving a range of well-known leading paints convinced a firm of professional decorators that Bradite’s EW99 epoxy floor and wall coating was the correct choice for a challenging job in Leeds.

Concord Street Apartments comprise two residential blocks, six and seven stories respectively, in the Northern Quarter of the city. A car park and walkways needed attention as part of a refurbishment contract.

“The walkways vary between six and ten feet wide and 70 to 150feet in length, they were concrete and hadn’t been touched since 1986,” says Gavin Shaw of Shaws Decorators, Wakefield.

Builders merchants Brewers recommended that the Bradite product should be considered particularly because of its adherence and quick drying properties, as well as its toughness.

“We sampled four products and the Bradite’s performance was flawless,” says Gavin Shaw. “Bradite won hands down for drying time, within a couple of hours whereas one of the other brands still hadn’t dried fully 12 hours later. And the adherence was perfect. We used the masking tape test, and this ripped off the paint with other products.”

Tests were carried out during last winter with areas of heavy footfall chosen, including to and from the car park and around the entrances to lifts. “You can’t have lifts out of action for days and expect people to walk up six or seven flights of stairs. Quick drying floor covering is important in a job like this,” says Gavin Shaw.

The Bradite product has also been specified for the white lining in the basement car parks of the two blocks and the work continues into early next year.

EW99 is a high performance two-pack water-based floor and wall coating, hard wearing with good chemical and excellent water resistance. In additional to use on concrete, it is suitable for use on internal steel, ceramic, terracotta, wood and other absorbent mineral substrates that are dry, free of dust, contamination and efflorescence and which have been properly prepared. It can be applied by brush, roller, conventional air or airless spray.

Bradite wins hands down for residential refurb
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