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Akzo backs paint recycling

Report graphicAkzoNobel is behind a new recycled paint scheme, which will see waste paint remanufactured and used to inject colour into local communities.

The scheme is the result of collaboration between AkzoNobel, Newlife Paints Ltd and Community RePaint – a social enterprise that currently redistributes left over paint to those in social need.

With 55 million litres of waste paint going to landfill or incinerated each year, AkzoNobel has set out plans that could see much of the unwanted product recycled and reused.

“Recycling paint will radically improve the way our industry manages waste” said Matt Pullen, AkzoNobel’s UK Managing Director. “But what is even more exciting is the opportunity this presents to transform our communities. Just imagine how millions of litres of colourful paint could improve the nation’s scout huts, sports halls and village centres. The impact would be huge”.

A new remanufacturing hub – the first of its kind – will be located in Cambridgeshire and run by social enterprise group CCORRN, in partnership with Community RePaint and Newlife Paint Ltd. The plant, funded by AkzoNobel, will produce 60,000 litres of new paint in its first year. It will be available in a number of colours and will be sold at a minimal cost to community groups and those in social need.

During the next 18 months, AkzoNobel also plans to sponsor four more remanufacturing hubs around the country, providing further momentum for the company’s Planet Possible strategy of doing more with less.

In a report issued this month AkzoNobel has called on government and industry to get behind the initiative and unite to solve the UK’s waste paint problem.

The report, “ReColour: Recycling Waste Paint to Recolour Our Communities”, outlines the challenges faced by the industry, including:

  • How to get back large volumes of left-over, unwanted paint from people’s homes
  • How to simplify regulations to make remanufacturing viable for social enterprises
  • How to remanufacture and distribute the new paint at a cost low enough to make it affordable for social reuse

Added Pullen: “We’re calling on the UK government and industry to come together to help us grow this solution to a scale that would improve our environment, help Local Authorities save money and colour our communities.”

Akzo backs paint recycling
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