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Bradite makes a splash in Skegness

Skeg Pool 6The largest indoor swimming pool in Skegness has been given a much needed facelift, thanks to Bradite’s CG23 Chlorinated Rubber Full Gloss Paint.

A major feature of Skegness Sands Holiday Park, the previously painted concrete pool required considerable preparation prior to redecoration. “With any decorating project, thorough and detailed preparation is key to achieving the best result,” says James Burton, Bradite’s national sales manager, “and in the case of the Skegness pool project, there were some extra challenges. Given Bradite’s long history dating back to 1938, we have every confidence in the quality and performance of our products, provided the surface is prepared properly, as it was at Skegness.”

With previous coatings showing signs of blistering, flaking and thinning, the surface was jet washed thoroughly to remove the old paint and take the surface back to the original bare concrete. The clean substrate was then scrubbed with Bradite TD39 Industrial Degreaser, diluted with nine parts warm water, then rinsed clean to remove any trace of debris.

After all residual cracks and pits were repaired with a suitable filler, the substrate was made completely dust-free and left to dry thoroughly before the repainting process could begin.

Choosing the right paint for the job is key
“When repainting a pool, choosing the right type of paint is critical,” James continues. “Getting it wrong can prove costly for decorators and contractors in terms of time, labour, money and reputation: the surface will soon start to peel, and the whole process will have to begin again.”

In discussions with Skegness-based P&R Decorating Centre, Bradite recommended its CG23 Chlorinated Rubber Full Gloss for the pool project. This specialist coating produces a high-build gloss with a chlorinated rubber based finish. Designed to cope well with any splashes of chemicals and oils, this high quality, high performance product delivers good weathering properties when used as the finish coat in a protective paint system.

Resistant to both fungal growth and spread of flame, CG23 is suitable for use at low temperatures down to 10 degrees Celsius and conforms to BS 5493. Recommended application is by airless spray, conventional spray, brush or roller.

Available in 5L packs, CG23 is touch dry in 30 minutes, with an overcoat time of a minimum of 12 hours. The spread rate is approximately 10 square metres per litre, and available colours include BS 4800 and RAL.

Low-slip: the finishing touch
To ensure maximum safety at the Skegness Sands pool, Bradite also recommended that the step area be treated with a low-slip aggregate, added at the rate of 1 x 250mil per 5L.
On completion of the repainting process, Bradite advised that the pool be left empty to allow it to dry out fully. Assuming good ventilation and air movement, this process should usually take about 10 days.

Bradite makes a splash in Skegness
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