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Brothers of the Brush – Latest Podcast

Brothers of the Brush have published their latest podcast, here is a summary:

In this episode, I catch up with the super talented Vicky smith of Smith Nicholson Decorators, based down in Kent. Only the second female we’ve had on the show so far. We’d love to have more females on repping the trade, so any ladies out there that fancy joining me on the show give me a shout. Personally I have a lot of time and admiration for Vicky and think she’s a cracking role model for the ladies to look up to in the trade. in this episode we chat the tricky art of balancing single parenting with work, people’s pre-conceptions of females in the trade, and “Cowgirl” workers. So pin back you’re ears, make a brew, crank the volume up and dive in.

Brothers of the Brush – Latest Podcast


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