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Crown’s New Seasonal Colours

Crown Paints has launched its new collection of colour trends for the 2019 autumn and winter season.

The new colour trend collection has been created by Crown’s expert panel of colour consultants and specialists. Each of the individual schemes has a distinct identity, with ‘hero’ shades, complementary tones and style suggestions included so they can be adapted to suit a variety of projects and different personal tastes.

The three new trends are ‘Botanical Noir’, ‘Unprocessed’ and ‘Pigment’.

Jemma Saunders, colour specialist at Crown Paints commented “Taking inspiration from the enduring trend of creating a link between interior and exterior living spaces, ‘Botanical Noir’ is a celebration of nature within architecture, using forest green and teal shades used alongside pops of pink and metallic gold. This trend lends itself to the use of strong geometric, botanical prints and natural foliage, making it both stylish and versatile.”

“The natural world is also the inspiration for ‘Unprocessed’ but here, the more earthy colours of terracotta, dusky pinks and powdered clay have been embraced. This palette moves away from clean lines and highly polished finishes and instead works well alongside rough, raw and organic materials.”

“The use of colour as an artistic tool has led to the development of the ‘Pigment’ trend which aims to evoke the sense of a traditional painter’s studio. Here textures are as important as the colours themselves, with a faded chocolate and moody plum used alongside metallic rose golds and granite top greys, and applied using layering and the classic loose painterly technique to add depth and interest.”

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